Finding The Love: Why Marriage Retreats Work

Marriages mark a unique moment in a person’s life. It is a chance to begin a new journey with the person they love most in this world. All of the potential of a life together and a family, of a home built on love. But life can start to creep in. Bills begin to pile up and schedules begin to create a sense of distance between them, of isolation. The love that was the foundation of their lives can begin to feel absent or far removed. A person can begin to wonder about why they are there at all.

There are many options open to a person at this point. Religious based couples therapy abounds, offering answers based within their beliefs and an ideal image of what a marriage should be according to their religion. More often, however, couples are seeking answers that are tailored to their individual challenges. They seek answers that give them a better, more realistic and critical view of one another, and the chance to find the love they had in the beginning.

There are non religious marriage retreats that offer an unbiased look into the struggles inherent to a couple’s life together. Many of these challenges are rooted in relationships from the past, unresolved emotional ties that have held on long past their usefulness. By being able to devote one-hundred percent of their attention on one another. on discovering and resolving their issues, together, they find more than they expected. They find peace about their past. They find the partner that they need, right there beside them.

By creating an environment of complete non-judgment, couples find that they are able to express themselves freely for the first time in what could easily be years. Wounds long held are released, and allowed to be addressed without minimizing their importance. Couples seeking to rekindle the flame in their marriage find themselves remembering the reasons they chose that person to begin with.

Love matures. Love changes people, and the love people feel also changes. Life can get in the way. But, beneath it all there is a love waiting to be found again.