Jimmy Buffett Tells Lin-Manuel Miranda He Wants to Play King George in ‘Hamilton’ (Video)

Jimmy Buffett, the singer-songwriter behind the new Broadway musical “Escape to Margaritaville,” seems to have caught the theater bug — and he’s not throwing away his shot.
In a joint interview with Tony-winning “Hamilton” composer-star Lin-Manuel Miranda that aired on Sirius XM Friday, Buffett said that he really would like to play King George in Miranda’s hit hip-hop musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton.
“I can get some high-heel boots and then there we go,” Buffett said, after performing a few bars of the British monarch’s Act 1 number “You’ll Be Back.”
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Buffett even suggested that he take on the role when Miranda reprises his Tony-nominated performance as Hamilton next January for a limited run in Puerto Rico.
“Can you imagine Jimmy Buffett as King George in Puerto Rico?” Miranda said to great laughter.
Responding to an audience question at the Sirius town hall, Miranda had originally suggested that Buffett might make a good George Washington in his show. “I mean, Jimmy is clearly the father of our country,” he joked.
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Miranda also noted that the show’s costume designer had “spruced up” the King George costume for the new London production of the hit musical.
“You know, our London company is literally next to Buckingham Palace and we were like, ‘Oh, he’s looking a little dingy next to the real thing,’” he said. “So, I’d love to see you in that bling, Jim.”
Watch the video above.

The multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it all, performing from Broadway to the White House. Here’s a look at his accomplishments through the years.

During his sophomore year of college, Miranda began writing what would ultimately become the Tony-winning Best Musical “In the Heights.” What were you doing when you were 20?

Miranda is such a big deal that he was given the chance to voice the Loud Hailer during a performance of Broadway’s “Les Miserables,” all because he’s a huge fan and it had been a lifelong dream of his. Check that one off the bucket list.

Miranda and the cast of “Hamilton” not only got to perform at the White House, but the creator/writer/star got to buddy up to the President himself afterwards by freestyle-rapping about the state of the union off of cue cards held up by Barack Obama himself.

“Hamilton” became such a big deal that the Treasury department shelved plans to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill with a woman. Instead, the $10 father without a father will stay put, while Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill instead.

“Hamilton” made Grammy history by being so popular that it demanded to be the first Broadway show to perform during the music industry’s biggest awards ceremony. Immigrants, we get the job done!

Even Disney and JJ Abrams are huge Miranda fans. He did cantina music for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” will compose for the animated “Moana,” and will star in “Mary Poppins” with Emily Blunt. All while continuing to star in “Hamilton,” because of course.

To underline how big of a phenom “Hamilton” really has become, the musical has already garnered Miranda a MacArthur “genius” grant and the Pulitzer for Best Drama. Come June, it will sweep the Tony Awards as well. And good luck getting tickets. Still.

Miranda’s latest goal is to get Congress to allow Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy amid a major economic crisis. John Oliver devoted an entire “Last Week Tonight” segment to it, and then invited Miranda – who had already spoken in DC about the issue – to come on stage to do what he does best. “Hamilton” tickets and even private performances are on the table. Paul Ryan, your move.

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The “Hamilton” creator is urging Congress to act on Puerto Rico’s economic crisis, and there’s precedent that says he will succeed

The multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it all, performing from Broadway to the White House. Here’s a look at his accomplishments through the years.

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